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Discussion on: The Downside To Being Self-Taught.

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Michael Fasani

I think there is an overlooked and untapped resource for self taught devs. GutHub! You may be using it already but what I am talking about is taking the time to look at the code from popular libraries. I used jQuery for years before looking at the source code, crazy right. The same is true for React today, many devs are using it but few have taken the time to look at the source code. In these projects you can go beyond the copy and paste of single problem and see the entire code structure of a complex library. The other great thing about GitHub is becoming a part of a small community where people will give your code feedback and if your honest with people and tell them your not sure about a section of code they will help you. I wrote recently about getting involved in an open-source project. I think we all should have open source project to work on, you can learn a lot watching other people commit code and discussing topics around the project.