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Hi Travis, found your post while googling for this subject, so I'm replying a year later. I'm studying programming and will get a job in the area soon (hopefully next semester), coming from a corporate IT background (applications and security analyst for a big company). I realised the technical and creative aspects of problem solving are the ones that excite me the most, when I grabbed a cup of coffee and connected to a database looking for an issue (instead of contacting the support team that was responsible lol). When I had to solve a managing issue I did, but my drive was almost non-existent.

I also agree with the term 'passion' being used carelessly (particularly in job offers), we should use the same analogy we use for personal relationships. That is, a passion is a flame that comes and goes, you could be passionate about a lot of things in different times of your life. You don't need to be one-sided, you can enjoy several aspects of your life without becoming obsessed with any of them.

So if you enjoy art, education, technology and helping others, you could build a website showcasing a timeline for the greatest renaissance painters, or an aggregate news site about museum exhibits in Pennsylvania, or whatever comes to your mind. Or nothing at all, and be a competent developer nonetheless.

I see from your personal website that you're Batman too, and why wouldn't you be?

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