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Discussion on: I'm Not Passionate About Coding

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Fabrício Devinar

Hi Travis, found your post while googling for this subject, so I'm replying a year later. I'm studying programming and will get a job in the area soon (hopefully next semester), coming from a corporate IT background (applications and security analyst for a big company). I realised the technical and creative aspects of problem solving are the ones that excite me the most, when I grabbed a cup of coffee and connected to a database looking for an issue (instead of contacting the support team that was responsible lol). When I had to solve a managing issue I did, but my drive was almost non-existent.

I also agree with the term 'passion' being used carelessly (particularly in job offers), we should use the same analogy we use for personal relationships. That is, a passion is a flame that comes and goes, you could be passionate about a lot of things in different times of your life. You don't need to be one-sided, you can enjoy several aspects of your life without becoming obsessed with any of them.

So if you enjoy art, education, technology and helping others, you could build a website showcasing a timeline for the greatest renaissance painters, or an aggregate news site about museum exhibits in Pennsylvania, or whatever comes to your mind. Or nothing at all, and be a competent developer nonetheless.

I see from your personal website that you're Batman too, and why wouldn't you be?

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Travis Simpson Author

Sorry I'm just responding to this! Completely took a hiatus from...everything, for quite a while to be honest. But this was really great to see, so thank you for your input! Actually, really appreciate the ideas you brought up for websites. Hadn't really thought of that before.

I'm glad to see others relate, and agree with my thoughts on passion being thrown around so wildly. There are so many nuances to the tech industry in general that seem oddly as it is..lag behind the times. Maybe we can all push to be the change we want to see some day.

Appreciate the shoutout to that little page too haha! It's long over-due for a makeover. Maybe I'll start there before moving on to these other ideas you gave.

Thanks for the insight, and hope you find luck in your programming studies!