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re: I've worked with an open-source raytracer called POV, as in "point of view". POV is a fine example of OOP. It was entirely written in C. C, as e...

I thought POV-Ray = Persistence Of Vision?
Brings back old memories =)

I had a CAML background (there was no O yet, ~1990) and experience with Erlang, but LISP dialects like Clojure, Racket, or Scheme have worked pretty well for me to:

  • upgrade my programming skills from OOOnly towards "practical" FP,
  • become a more "educated" JS coder
  • get a hint at how DSLs/languages/interpreters/compilers actually work
  • take a dive into denotational semantics/lambda calculus
  • try (and enjoy) programming against a modern "strongly statically typed system" with oCAML and Haskell.

Had I started reverse, I think I'd have been overwhelmed at step one.

The algebra of types / cat theory is NOT a requirement for Functional Programming, despite all the efforts to mislead wannabe FPers into believing so, at the risk of turning them away from FP forever.

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