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I would recommend xubuntu. I got a second hard rive on my pc with a xubuntu on it and have loved it for reactJS/node/react native and android development. vscode or atom(nuclide) run pretty smooth and os is better at reserving RAM for my coding processes.

lubuntu is one of my favorites as well, and wayyy more efficient with RAM, but I wouldn't recommend for someone asking this question as it can be a pain to get your UI just right.

Arch Lunux is amazing but man the time from fresh boot to productive can take an entire day. Then you will spend time maintaining you system. I only recommend arch for people who are very comfortable in linux.

Ubuntu is great but can feel a bit anointing with only 4GB of memory. After installing all your tools you will probably have less than 60% of your memory left because of the UI and other bloat. Ubuntu runs great is you have a dedicated GPU and at least 8BG of memory. Below 8GB and without a dedicated GPU your system will freeze from time to time.

Most people when coding will have a browser open with 5-10 tabs open, music playing(spotify, pandora, YT), their editor (VSCode, Atom) and a couple of node processes running (npm watch). If you're looking at this setup with only 4GB of ram, you need a light system to power through an 8 hours day without freezing and UI hangups.


wow thank you for a neat personalized explanation. I am looking at xubuntu and it really feels neat and light-weight.

and yeah I would like to share my experience last night that I had so please can you tell something on it?

Also just yesterday night I booted with AntergOS it didn't let me dual boot saying it needs a GPT partition. Then I tried Solus OS and it didn't even recognize itself on the disk. so then I made Fedora bootable and installed it but just after that since I had to turn on the Legacy support on, my Windows 10 disappeared from the grub or boot options.
So then I again live boot with the pendrive to check whether my Windows drives are there on the disk or not. Then I used my Windows Recovery disk and it installed it in a span of 4 hours so now I'm typing to you this on my Microsft Edge Browser (while chrome downloads in background).
I think my dream of starting the development on Linux systems will be shattered so much.
I read articles/blog regarding solving this online but windows needs UEFI method to boot and nothing else.

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