re: I have some bad habits that date back to my days making Geocities websites before CSS was much of a thing VIEW POST


Though, sometimes, being the dinosaur can work for you...

(New to Platform Person): "Why do you use <X> construct in your code."
Me: "A couple decades worth of ingrained habit and I know that it works everywhere"
NtPP: "Ok. Mind if I use this newer method?"
Me: "Sure. If stuff works and lowers the amount of effort we have to expend, 'go for it'."

Me: "Remember when when you asked me why I used <X> construct and I said that 'I know that it works eveywhere'?"
NePP: "Yes...?"
Me: "Know that customer that was bitching about the tool you delivered?"
NtPP: "Yes...?"
Me: "Ironically, the fix for their problem was to use the method you originally questioned."

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