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Discussion on: Sometimes, it's better to not do your work

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Thomas H Jones II

Heh... One of the reasons I cherish my "work from home" days is I feel productive. When I go into the office... It's any number of distractions. Basic thing is, when I go into the office, it's because there's something I need to do that I can't do from home (or walk someone through via Slack or phone). Yeah, I know that support is needed and enabling. However, when I run into the all-too-frequent "Oh! You're here! This dumpster has been on fire for the last few days. It's critical that you help us put the fire out", I'm left thinking, "how is it 'critical' if it's been going on for several days and you didn't so much as mention it in yesterday's conference-call (or Slack, email, SMS, IM, etc.)?"

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