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Discussion on: Understanding React Testing Library

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Why should I use this library instead of Jest and Enzyme?
I don't need to check button's color because the snapshots will check that automatically.
I'm not hating on the testing library, I'm trying to understand why should I use it.

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Dhaiwat Pandya Author

This library does not replace Jest. It's not a test runner.

And like I mentioned in the article, React Testing Library forces you to test your components from your user's perspective. I know you can do that with Snapshots, but the examples I put in my article are very very basic. The library allows you to do much more than these things.

With Enzyme, it’s common to find elements in the page by their class, which is not meaningful because users do not see those in the UI. With react-testing-library, you search directly by the actual text that the user sees without the overhead work of finding the element that contains that text.