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Discussion on: I wrote a DAILY blog post for 100 days, here's what happened...

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Facundo Gauna Author

Hi Raymond,

🤔 I didn't start with Wordpress. I never used it. Maybe I misspoke somewhere.

I found the _writing experience to be amazing.

I started with Jekyll over three/four years ago and I sunk a lot of time into it. I spent a lot of time modifying its default theme to make it what I want. I was never satisfied with my front-end skills, so then I bought a Jekyll theme. I've tweaked it since.

I've considered cross-posting this post to Medium before. Why do you want to get away from Medium? I'm curious.

With Jekyll, I use Netlify and Netlify CMS. Netlify CMS is really simple and the editor is very bland. I write with markdown, but it is a little quirky.

Here's a starter for Netlify, Netlify CMS for Gatsby
Gatsby is similar to Jekyll but based in React instead of Ruby.