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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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Filipe Portes

What's the difference/advantage of Layrs comparing to MeteorJS

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Manuel Vila Author

It's an interesting question that would deserve a whole article. In a nutshell, Layr is not a framework per se. It is a collection of low-level libraries that extend the abilities of JavaScript classes to make them remotely accessible.

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Mike Seidle

After looking at Layr and having used Meteor more than I wanted to, it looks like the major difference is that instead of adding methods by calling Meteor.method to register one or more functions, and then calling them with a"todo.done"), there is a way to make any method or attribute available on the client by decorating it. I suspect if Meteor was created now (instead of in the age of CoffeScript), we'd have something that looks more like Layr. Layr could work very nicely. I wish I had a JS project I'm working on at the moment to try it out on.