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Discussion on: Secure ASP.NET Blazor WASM apps and APIs with Azure AD B2C

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Thanks for this detailed summary. After going through the settings on the B2C portal and building the WASM client with the supplied command I started the app and tried to log in:
Then I got: "Checking login state..." and nothing more. After some head scratching I hit F12 and got a clue to what was wrong.
In the appsettings.json the line for "Authority" was incorrect. The forward slash after the was missing. Adding that fixed the problem. It seems I omitted the forward slash.
I just learned that the instructions have to be followed to the letter :)

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Christos Matskas Author

HI @finnurhrafn , thanks for the kind comments and the feedback. And I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. I have to agree that attention to detail is important :) - moreso in programming than anything else! Keep up the great work and ping us if you have any more issues