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Discussion on: Can you become a developer on a team with no devs?

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Emmanuel Okiche • Edited

Yes you can but...
Firstly, a web developer is one who codes, not just HTML, CSS or editing templates.
You have to be good in at least front end or back end technologies.
Front end must include a good knowledge of JavaScript else, you're just a web designer.

From, what you explained you are already coding a bit with the outsourced developer but you want more, right?

I believe you have two options here:
It is either you leave the company and join a dev company or where they mainly code their projects. With this, you'll have access to mentors and work on real code regularly and grow.
You continue with them and work on some personal projects that are challenging and push you to learn more. With this, you could prove to your current company that you're worth giving a shot to develop some features of their existing product (I hope it's not just Shopify stuff because your knowledge would be limited).

But know this, being the only dev in your company would make you a full stack dev plus some dev ops skills.

In conclusion, it is possible but you'll need to put in some serious work and you should be higher than a beginner developer.
Take your time to learn the process and not be in a hurry to scale up fast if you've not gotten a solid grasp of coding.
I wish you the best in your journey/decision.

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Sarah Paz Author

Thank you for your feedback, Emmanuel - the two options you mentioned are pretty much what my focuses have been. With the pandemic it's been a tough job market, and work has been crazy busy so I've had to cut down on some studying time. But my main goal is to find the right dev job for me, at the same time be open to opportunities that I cross paths with. I am a beginner looking for a junior role so I understand that it may be a lot to be the only dev, but maybe that just means being the only onsite dev, working with outsourced devs more? Rather than having just the one outsourced dev on their own? I don't really know how it looks to be honest, but it's worth riding the wave for to see what happens. I'll stay positive throughout the journey 😊