The Crazy Job Search Process

Milecia McG on September 18, 2019

Looking for a new job is a lot of work. The search process is a job in itself. You have to make sure your resume is up to par, your cover letter is... [Read Full]
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The thing is that with all the tests being passed and only "the best" being hired, and with all the pattern and design and best practices books being written and debated, you would think that by now software development industry would be in great shape by now. Bad legacy code would be a thing of the past... Nope. New bad legacy code is being written right now as I am typing this. How come ? Technical tests are not the answer


Some companies make you do personality tests before you even apply. I'm looking at you P&G. |:


I don't like those either. I took one earlier this year and got rejected, probably because I'm too much of an introvert. At least I know not to apply there again, and that I'm probably not going to want to work at a company that has a personality test.


I incidentally missed out on the foreign service exam for the United States a couple years ago. They make you take a knowledge test, of which, some questions are stuff like "How much do you enjoy talking on the phone?" or somesuch.

Got most of the civic questions right. Think those knocked me below the threshold. Of course, I wouldn't be in IT if I passed it, so, win win.


Also with the take home projects, the success parameters are unclear. What are they looking for? It's a huge time suck with little to no return if you "fail." Sometimes there are a million ways to achieve the same result in code, which one are they looking for? With some tech leads preferring speed over quality, and "cleverness" over readability even if you complete the project there will always be some bias you're unaware of, I mean for example just look at how long style guides take to hash out and the disagreements over spaces vs tabs. The goalposts are often unimaginable!

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