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If you're interested in getting behind the scenes of web frameworks and async in Python, Bocadillo has just got a bunch of fresh issues for new exciting features. :-)

Non-coders also welcome! If you've got design skills, I'd be excited to discuss ideas on a new logo. Some issues are also related to writing docs, i.e. explaining how to test an async web app.

I'll be glad to discuss ideas with new contributors and help them get started. Drop a message on our chat if you need anything!

bocadilloproject / bocadillo

🥙 A modern Python web framework filled with asynchronous salsa

A modern Python web framework filled with asynchronous salsa.

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Bocadillo is a Python web framework that provides a sane toolkit for quickly building performant web applications and services, while encouraging best practices and keeping developer experience in mind.

Under the hood, it uses the Starlette ASGI toolkit and the lightning-fast uvicorn ASGI server.

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Quick start

Install it:

pip install bocadillo

Build something:

import bocadillo
api = bocadillo.API()
async def index(req, res)
    # Use a template from the ./templates directory 
    res.html = await api.template("index.html")

async def greet(req, res, person): = {"message": f"Hi, {person}!"}

if __name__ == "__main__":



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