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That's a great topic!

Back in 2017, I decided to work for a small student non-profit (~100 members) I had been the treasurer of for more than a year — so obviously the mission did resonate with me because I was a member and co-lead of the organisation in the first place.

They didn't actually ask me anything: I volunteered to build them a new website. The motivation for me was to gain some experience, both with code and project management.

At the time being paid was out of the question, because I was doing it as a fellow student, and I did not have the experience to demand anything. Besides, I had much more time to give away than I do now. :)

So if the situation came up again, and I really connect with the mission, I'd say it depends on the size of the project:

  • If it's small (e.g. a few days work), I'd probably accept to do it for free.
  • But if the project is quite large (e.g. months), I'd ask to be paid, though I'd probably accept lowering rates if I know they're running on a budget.

I'm interested in seeing what others think!


It's cool that you help for free by offering, they generally need it. 👍

This is a good balance (some small work for free, paid on bigger projects) if you are actually trying to help.

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