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Discussion on: Choosing What to Learn

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Fred Richards

I perform a lot of different jobs or operations, but couldn't really call myself a developer. I can wear that hat, it's a much smaller hat than my other hats.

One thing I constantly do in my head is visualize. I might find a tidbit and it looks like a puzzle piece, it may very well be an important puzzle piece. So I do much as you've said in the post, find different things, bookmark and categorize, saving for later. But I'm also writing pseudocode in my head ... how does this fit and relate to the other things I have going on?

This leads me to get very excited when I see something in a group, it can be a small piece of code, and it doesn't even necessarily have to be the best written. Just a missing piece of the puzzle. It's like whoa, I can use that!

Another silly trick I use, maybe everyone does, I dunno, is audiobooks. I hate commuting, but it's a great way to passively ingest something.