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Discussion on: Why we left AWS

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Fred Richards

I've collected a variety of AWS frustrations over the years. One is no real Layer2 (everything is "fully faked"). There's a whole slew of networking protocols that leaves out.

No DNS transfers. If you want to transfer information in/out of Route53, you need to create your own automation conduit between one vendor and the other through their API. (I've done this).

A lot of AWS' HA relies on BGP. They've limited how they support it. To finish a project I had to rely on Cisco's conditional route injection.

My point is ... AWS is "one size fits most". There will be cases where you need to do something highly technical and they just can't do it. In their defense, they're getting better and better all of the time.

But by and large, if you need something special a hybrid setup might be in the works.