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Discussion on: The most important git practice

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fluffy • Edited

If you've made the mistake of already committing something to your local main branch, you can fix things by doing something like:

git checkout -b myFeatureBranch
git stash
git checkout main
git reset --hard origin/main
git checkout myFeatureBranch
git stash pop
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and now the myFeatureBranch branch will be exactly how your own main was before, while making your main totally clean.

There's probably a simpler one-liner to do all those things at once but I like using the separated steps that make it obvious exactly what's happening.

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Sandor Dargo Author

Thanks for your comment!

Exactly, it's just too much compared to always check out a new branch without even thinking about it. And according to my experience, most of those who work on master - in not a one-person project - they are not really familiar with stashing or even differences between hard and soft reset.