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Discussion on: Direct, Indirect, Redirect: React Props, Context, and State as Inputs

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What do you think is the difference in your projects between what state ends up stored in Redux and what makes it into Hooks state?
-> The most recent project I worked extensively on was a React-redux + Electron + Sqlite Chat app targeted for Windows. In order to reduce server load, previously loaded data was saved to Sqlite and loaded when the app started, new data on initial load was acquired via REST and sent to redux, along with real-time data received via SocketIO. Since data had to be acquired real-time and updated to the main Electron window's redux store, and also sent to other Electron windows via IPC, there was little to no benefit to keeping data in a component's state - it was too versatile and everything affected everything else so frequently.
In hindsight, an MVVM project structure would have reduced a lot of hassle but we all know that switching project structure is close to impossible when you're barely able to add features on time.

So to answer the question, I'd say there are so many factors that could possibly affect where you store the data, but then again I would consider a chat application as a rather rare edge case.
In most websites, I'd say using redux the least possible is the best-case scenario.

you are using context I would bet internally via useSelector
-> I agree, I was pointing out that the Context API itself currently cannot compete against Redux's extensive debugging capabilities, in the functional sense, those two are virtually the same in most aspects. I believe there are quite a few posts on on the subject that point this out.