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Discussion on: I work for a live video streaming company, ask me anything!

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Facundo Martin Gordillo

Really loving the Q&A that is happening here!

I have a question regarding security and hardware. I'm not very familiar with IaaS and that sort of stuff, but we're wanting to make conference 1-1 with doctors and patients, and one thing that comes up on everyone's minds are confidentiality and security.

With WebRTC will I need some sort of IaaS that holds up to this? It's a regional solution (it will scale only to the country itself)

Thanks in advance!!

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Amara Graham Ask Me Anything

Thanks for your question Facundo! There are a number of use cases popping up that are exploring exactly what you are looking to do.

I think this is a [great resource] for you (, particularly section 4, on WebRTC security. Encryption is mandatory with WebRTC, but that are other security concerns you should keep in mind too, just like with other web based applications transferring data.

You will need to pay close attention to the terms and privacy policy of your IaaS to make sure they meet the security and privacy needs for your users. In the US we have some guidance around HIPAA and cloud computing. Some IaaS is HIPAA compliant, but you may have to request a specific tier of service.