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Discussion on: Windows 10 as a Linux Window Manager with WSL2

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fquinner Author • Edited on

Sure, first of all you find one of the socat ports for windows, download it, then run:

socat UNIX-LISTEN:/tmp/.X11-unix/X0,fork EXEC:"/mnt/c/tools/socat/socat.exe - TCP\:localhost\:6000
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Good luck!

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Ron Williams

Thanks for the tips on this. I got this up and running after a bit of fiddling. I've decided on the socat solution with the WSL1 pass through, as the performance was terrible when using the windows port of socat. Apps load instantaneously and it's robust across sleeps and network connection changes like x11-over-vsock.

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fquinner Author

Yeah that's my setup too :). Can't wait to have proper wayland support then we wont need any of that and it'll be even snappier :)