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Discussion on: What makes a great development environment?

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1.short cut keys in text editor for: appending lines , selecting multiple common names . search in file, ...

2.create custom snipet codes for your design patterns

3 . write tests. if you are a web developer i would sujest use automation browser agents like selenuim

  1. try to make your own automation tools for your development labs

  2. use terminals that can overlay front of the screen and has transparrent true(terminator, guake).and devide screen for multiple terminal at one screen (tmux).

  3. if you are zsh fan . use ohmyzsh for custom intraction

  4. make aliases in linux

8.learn bash script . learning bash script can help you to do painful terminal mixed commands at once(again automation)

  1. learn git commands with options.use proper git flow for branching your project