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re: Try the Keychron K1 for traveling... They are making a sleeve for it at some point too they say. I have one and just bought the K4... Pair them wi...

Hi Stephen! Yeah, the Keychron K4 looks beautiful. I found it just after I made this post, it's preorder for now right?

The K1 looks very fragile, which kinda puts me off but I love how tiny it is. Do you have a K1?


Yeah the k4, i think finished up yesterday.

I have the k1 in 108 let set-up which I regret because it's super well made and I wish I had done with the smaller so I could travel with it. Very sturdy thanks to the aluminum body, you can feel some heft in it but not too much.

How are your keys faring? As they're ABS I'd imagine you're getting some shiny/smooth keys by now?

IF you wanted something smaller why did you not go for the K2?

They are going just fine... But I don't use it at work so there's that.

K2 didn't exist when I got the k1... And I want to give the k4 optical switches a try.... And I like having a numpad

Cool. I'm interested in the K2 considering I already have a full 104 key mech.

I don't think you can go wrong with them... I've you buy one you get an invite to their users fb group and some have customized then even further, and they look pretty cool.

It's not impossible that I might get that one as well and then sell the ones I don't prefer haha.

The K1 is sold out right now. Which version do you have? I've read there were some issues with earlier versions.

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