27 C# Interview Questions and Answers to Know in 2019

Alex 👨🏼‍💻FullStack.Cafe on November 14, 2018

Today, C# is the 4th most popular programming language, with approximately 31% of all developers using it regularly. It is also the 3rd largest co... [Read Full]
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This article is very interesting and very understood to be read, may be useful for the students. Here are some of the most important C# interview questions Everyone definitely wants to read
Top 20 C# Interview questions and answers


Thanks for this list! Instead of for an interview, I am actually going to use it to measure my own understanding of C# which I am currently learning.


I am doing the same thing! Be sure to check out this C# wiki page: github.com/kironroy/kironroy.githu... it tracks my learning and has useful information about C#


Hi there , Thank you for the Q&A's.I to be honest was under the notion that I was pretty good with C#. This Questions literally put me to the shame :) This has given me a chance to brush them again


Very useful, these are all I need for my exam! :)


Great article, thanks for taking the time to collate.


Good list of c# interview questions. Thanks


Hi, thanks for a great post. There is a typo in the multicast delegate question
[p]ublic partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage

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