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re: Great topic for discussion, I made an account just to comment and follow. Please share when you adapt a new system. I find myself in certain situat...

Wow, thanks for the comprehensive comment!

I'll definitely share the results of testing of the most suitable solutions mentioned here in about a month :)

I use macOS' Notes for storing and structuring project notes. It's the fastest solution and has all the necessary features today.

Your way of storing bookmarks gave me the idea of practicing something like "expiration date" for a bookmark - if it's not "resolved" in some time, it can be deleted... It would be useful for some kind of bookmarks. And would help to keep a kind of automated order in the system. I'm interested if there's such feature in some of the tools listed inside this discussion...

Fast access and synchronization are my main concerns here too. Because default browser solutions don't provide for it (except for Firefox in some way - tags at least). Possibly some kind of close-to-native-browser solution (something on top of internal bookmarks) will be the most effective one. I'll test the options and try to find the answer.

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