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  • Did you meet developers working as independent contractors and living in Switzerland?
  • How much is the tax load there?
  • Does living in big cities differ much from living in suburbans/small towns?
  • Is it possible to find a dev job far away from "big city life"?

Hi Fyodor,

Happy to answer those 😊

  • you can work as a contractor but still need to be proxied by an agency, it seems to be a common setup and I haven't heard of different approaches.
  • Taxes depend most on the city/canton you are in, for example: you get around 25% total taxes in Zurich, but 35+ in Geneva
  • Switzerland is generally small cities - Zurich, which is the biggest, has no more than 1M people. If you want to live in a village you can easily commute with a 30-minute train to the city, which is very cool!
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