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Discussion on: Full-time, side projects, learning, and staying sane

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Thanks for your valuable advice. Especially the choosing-your-social-activities and the get-help parts.

I also tried doing everything all at once: full-time CS studies, part-time employment, pursuing all my hobbies (LARP, D&D, programming, tinkering with electronics), and partaking in all the social stuff with all my friends at once. Needless to say it didn't work out, since I also needed more than 4 hours of sleep a night. So I decided to cut back on a lot of things.

What did work out is essentially what you describe: carefully cutting back on my studies, hobbies and social stuff (cutting back on work was no option). Being a very social and time-consuming hobby, only playing pen-and-paper RPGs "survived" the process as a serious hobby. To stay sane, I roughly plan two weeks in advance while keeping two days a week work-free*. Also, being a bit of an introvert, I sprinkle the whole thing with an evening of solitude once every one or two weeks - even my s.o. doesn't see me on those evenings, and it works very well!

(*work meaning both paid work and working on university projects, papers, or my thesis)

The whole process did prolong my studies, but I eventually reached a point with consistent productivity - and with much lower levels of stress because of that. Having cut back on so many things even lets me act spontaneously again - it makes me feel like I'm in control of my schedule again, and not the other way round.