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Article on introduction to version control systems and ultimate HTML and CSS

     Introduction to version control systems
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They are software tools that make it possible for the software team to track the changes made to the source code.
Version control systems records all the changes made to a file or set of files so a specific version maybe called later if needed in the future.
It is the responsibility of the version control systems to keep all the team members on the same page, it makes sure that everyone on the team is working on the latest version of the files and most importantly make sure that all theses people can work simultaneously on the same project.

 Benefits of version control systems 
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  1. It helps in management of the source code for the software team by keeping track of all the modifications that are being made to the code.
  2. It protects the source code from any intended human error and consequences keeps record of all the modifications made to the code compares earlier versions of the code to help fix the mistake while reducing disruption to all team members

    Best versions of version control systems

    1. GitHub
    2. GitLab 3.PerForce 4.BeanStalk 5.AWS CodeCommit 6.Apache Subversion 7.Team Foundation Server 8.Mercurial 9.Bitbucket 10.Concurrent Version Control

    Ultimate HTML and CSS
    HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language
    it is used to define the building blocks of the webpages.

CSS is cascading style sheet
it is used for styling webpages and making them beautiful.

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