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Discussion on: You can't pull project ideas out of thin air

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Gaurav Chaddha Author

I think Simon has correctly grasped what I was trying to tell. I do side-projects for learning and self-growth. For those type of projects you don't need something new, you need to implement the stuff yourself to learn something.

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Ok, I'm a happy and positive guy and sometimes I read stuff that have a very firm grasp of the obvious and I can not resist the urge to respond sometimes. In this case I just had to do it. Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
So, the whole post in one sentence is something what we all already do like:
Look around and re-build stuff that you haven't build before and find interesting?

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Gaurav Chaddha Author • Edited on

No worries man. You have the right to express your opinion. Yup, in one sentence the post is presenting something obvious.

But, I was sharing my journey, because even though it seems obvious, and it is, many devs don't take the leap.They know where to look - but don't.
I've known this fact for a while: Re-implement a thing, learn something new. But did I act on it? No.

I guess the point was to kind-of motivate people out there who are stuck at level-0 of a good project - finding a good idea.