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Discussion on: Product Manager Vs. Project Manager

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Gedalya Krycer

Thank you for this breakdown! While I have been aware of the various responsibilities, it's interesting how they fit into each of the roles. Makes a lot of sense.

After thinking about your questions for a bit, I think I am more of an Executor then a Visionary.

I worked at an agency as a designer and then later on as a digital design director. Throughout this time I believe the roles included a bit of both.

• I translated the client's requests into a visual design / technical feature set that supported their use cases. (Product Manager)

• But then also managed our design and development teams to keep the projects on track/budget and balance everyone's workload. (Project Manager)

In retrospect, I don't think I was as effective doing both. My team would have been better served with two separate people.

Besides being effective, I would also suggest another metric is fulfillment.

Executing on something and envisioning something can work different sides of the brain. For me, I enjoy executing a bit more and feels like I have gotten progress done.

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Foluso Ayodele Author

Hi Krycer,
Great one indeed.
I wish you the best in this path you've taken.

Do well to check back here, cause I'll be writing a ton of articles to simplify this concept and make it more practicable.