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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Gedalya Krycer • Edited

This week has been the culmination of a lot of studying, praying, and support from some awesome people around me.

  • Win 1 — I quit a stable job (just got promoted too) last year to pursue development because I was genuinely un-fulfilled in what I was doing each day. Through that transition found I really enjoy doing front-end development and this week everything paid off! I just got hired full-time as a Front End Designer / Developer at a company I deeply admire and respect. I genuinely can't wait to start working there.

  • Win 2 — Over the last few months I also discovered a love for writing about design, code, and productivity. This week I got a badge for 16 weeks of consistent posts. I love being a part of this supportive community. I learn so much more from all of you than I could ever give back. Looking forward to keeping the writing journey going.

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