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Discussion on: Why I don't think a Degree is Necessary to Become A Developer.

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I work alongside people who did 4/5 year apprenticeships in software engineering. They got the equivalent of A levels and usually a degree equivalent. All without debt at the end and all with real work experience and a network.

I regret not going down that route, but its hard to do something that you had no idea existed. When schools performance is based upon how many people go into higher education, thats where everyone is pushed.

I think a degree is important, it demonstrates experience of planning, organisation, an ability to learn and foundation knowledge. Im not convinced that going the standard school => uni => work route is the best way though.

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Jamees Bedford Author • Edited on

That's exactly right, providing options for those who need them rather than just trying to make their records look good should be paramount.

Definitely, apprenticeships are a really great thing. I live quite close to Vodafone, and I know their apprenticeship schemes are fantastic yet competitive to get in to. I think looking back I would have liked to have done something like that.

I agree with what you are saying. Is my post right for those who are 16 and looking to jump into the world of dev work, probably not? I would for sure recommend someone in that position to do a boot camp or an internship or an apprenticeship before applying for whatever jobs and certainly not feel pressured into going to University. However, I speak to a lot of people who have come from careers elsewhere looking to get into technology and are considering going back to school. That is not necessary because the life skills make up for it.