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Discussion on: How do you schedule time for code refactoring?

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George Offley Author

That's what a few people have suggested. I was thinking about doing the same thing. I believe doing that may help keep it all up. Especially since it's just me!

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It's definitely an investment that pays off, especially if you're working on multiple projects with different architectures and logic streams.

General rule of thumb for me is that if you're working on code that you're not going to touch on a regular basis every couple of months, it might as well be written by someone else - so comment and restructure it the way you're want it to be for you as if someone else had written it. The developer you are today is not who you're going to be 6 months from now.

Scheduling time is important though, otherwise it gets buried as just one more task that you'll get to "eventually". The bonus for scheduling it Friday afternoons is you avoid those Friday afternoon meetings because you're booked as "busy"