Discussion on: 4 Things Your Interviewer Wants To Hear (From Hiring Managers Themselves)

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Eugene Vedensky

This should be titled "4 things your (reasonable) interviewer...", because sometimes you get folks that want junior devs with senior level experience for intern pay, but other wise totally true!

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Matthew Collison Author

They're certainly out there! One thing our career advisors focus on is teaching candidate to spot these types of interviewers. We also support them in their job to ensure the interviewer didn't completely mislead them and help them switch if necessary.

There are a few red flags to look for and we want to make a post about this too - we've seen people get stuck in low-paying jobs riddled with insane expectations for years with a range of narcissistic and angry bosses.

It's easily done but we want to help as many people avoid this as possible.