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Discussion on: Switching to Arch Linux

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Noah Ginsburg

That's interesting, WARNING HERE BE DRAGONS( i.e. my opinion lol)

I find apt a lot easier, because I'm typing out the verb that I want to happen. With pacman it's all flags, so you have to memorize all those flags instead of just thinking about what you're trying to do.

I also I have an update script that I wrote for Debian based systems to handle update/upgrade/dist-upgrade and what not, that sure id never run on production systems but it's served me well for years.

That way my upgrade process is just "updatey" (yes the y means auto accept lol)

Also as far as additional repos go I think I've only got like 2 on Debian based machines, so I don't feel like that's a big deal.

I also always found it strange that pacman basically needs wrappers (such as yay) to do the same functionality that the other package managers do out of the box. Now sure, you don't need to use yay, but it's gonna get painful if you don't.

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Mauro Garcia Author

You're right about Pacman being a little bit cryptic, but I think you could solve it using aliases.

Really cool what you did with your script 😄

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Noah Ginsburg

To pacman's credit though.. man pacman leads to some very well written documentation

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Shrihan Kumar Padhy

So your dragons are a bit more powerful 😜