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Discussion on: Why I'm sort of leaving Linux

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Noah Ginsburg

I get things done on Windows. There isn't anything for me to really tweak, no new desktop to install.

This is interesting for me, I work so much better in a Linux environment. I basically have a poor man's config management in a git repo. I clone that some, run a couple scripts and the fresh Ubuntu system I just installed is bootstrapped with all my configs themes and packages I rely on to work. I occasionally tinker with it, but it's pretty much set at this point, I'm sure since I typed that there will be a new package I hear about today that I need to monkey with. But still, with Windows those configs don't work so I have to monkey with the applications or windows environment variables or something. It's very manual to get up and running, and to my knowledge windows doesn't have a great system to install all the dev packages I want so I'll have to Google where those packages are, download, run the installs individually, all manual.

But, if windows works for you; then whatever. I've never been one to really criticize a (functioning) Dev environment, if the workflow makes sense to the developer, then it makes sense.

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Tim Apple Author

I was mainly a Linux desktop user, which meant 90% of everything I did went through the browser anyway. As far as dev setup, it's the same as Linux, I just have to set up WSL first. That adds a few extra minutes.This will go much faster when WSL2 is actually in the current release of Windows instead of the insider builds.