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Discussion on: Now need help setting up a reverse proxy in IIS

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bit Overloader

Have you tried a url rewrite wildcard with source specified like{R:0} and ensure TLS 1.3 is fully supported.

I think it's bizarre that there'll be so much issues with it although I don't know the whole issues.

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Bruce Axtens Author

This is, by the way, me trying to find an IIS-based approach. We got a contractor to figure out how to do it in nginx but he only got as far as the server-to-third-party part and couldn't tell us how to do the browser-to-server part. This serverfault posting is me trying to find out what to do next. I got given a pointer but it assumed more knowledge than I actually have.

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Bruce Axtens Author • Edited

I have tried a number of things like that, but without good results. I'm having a I-just-don't-get-it moment which I'm hoping will pass soon. I finally understood outbound rules this morning. I'm hoping for that understanding of inbound rules will follow soon.

For example a (redacted) error

Requested URL      http://our.server:80/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/third/au/mz
Physical Path      C:\web\projects\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\third\au\mz

I don't want it to resolve to a physical path. I want it to resolve to a third party site. And what's with all the third repeats? The original request was http://our.server:80/third/au/mx which I want to resolve to

And then there's all the links to the thirdparty that will need to get rewritten as links to our.server ... but that's another story.