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I come from the CS-background-world. I've always liked CS, programming and disassembling things. I enjoy a lot solving people's problems with code.

I guess the worst is the assumptions I have of other's expectations. I love to solve problems, what if I cannot solve this problem? What If I don't have an answer? Am I stupid if I don't know this or that? This pushed me to do things (or go in directions) I didn't want to in fear I'll appear as a fraud.

I love to have my ideas and evolve them with team input. So in the end I might have created something, but I don't feel it is my achievement at all.

This makes me being very bad at marketing myself. Or when I do it I have to put A LOT of effort and somehow I feel guilty.

I feel sick when I see people marketing themselves while I know they're or lying or exaggerating. I hate to put myself in the same level in order to get what I believe (I can be wrong of course) is right.

This last point makes things even worse when I see someone who doesn't have the same level of skills being able to market themselves at my level. I must be stupid or something. I don't know things so well as I expected.

Of course nobody knows everything. Feedback is the only way to improve, but the line is blurred in those cases: Is someone pointing out my mistakes or are they just boasting themselves while stepping over me?

The solution for me is to avoid comparisons and be myself, do my things, enjoy my hobbies. Only in the edge case I have to work hand by hand with one of the "good marketeers" I will say something, although it will be a very loaded conversation.

You don't need to learn X or Y to be the best... enjoying what you do many times is enough to be really good at it. You can polish the details later.

If I don't know something: I don't know it. This also means that I can schedule my learning, instead of running to learn. It also helps to understand if the other side is giving you feedback or boasting themselves. Someone stepping over you won't wait for you, someone working with you will wait till you get to know what they're talking about.

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