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Well It's depends. On my first job as a development, HR was a external company, they work like for 30 companies and they don't know about the actual job. I saw the announcement online they needed a PHP MySQL developer with knowledge on linux, something simple. In the interview they asked a lot of common questions and technical questions were "do you know windows?", I said "yes and linux too" and they continue "but what is linux? Never heard of it". They just published the announce without knowing.

Then they referme to the company (the actual IT company) where I meet my future boss, he make me another interview asking "do you know about PHP and SQL?" and then "we use windows 7 and will upgrade to windows 12 soon" I just agree and leave.

Later they called me to do a practical test. A CRUD test for a small system. This test was to prove skills and to see how people work. The test was maded by one of the developers because people lie to try to enter. No time limit, you can use the internet and any tool.

Was easy and I started weeks later. Now I'm the one who does the interview and the one who aply the test. We encourage to use the same rules for every one, some people don't finish the test or takes more than 6 hours. So we try to look for someone who work clean and at least has knowledge about the basics, so we can train as a jr developer.

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