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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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Gregor Gonzalez

I understand your point. and everyone has a different vision of what "fullstack" is.

I believe that every person has that capacity to do everything and it is a question of time and learning.

what was the "fullstack starter pack"? the web
was: html css JavaScript mysql php. Now it is very complex with so many technologies and libraries.

I like to do everything. web mobile desktop. I'm not an expert on "everything", it's true but that depends on the tools and the type of project. I manage the web part well, I like php java python asp c # (desktop apps only) mobile with android, now I work also with angular, vue node. I have also used mysql postgres sqlserver oracle mongodb.

And you're right, I have not delved into several areas and that has been problematic in certain projects but nothing that could not solve. Yes, it is important to have an expert in the area and solve quickly.