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Discussion on: Basics and caveats of Expo-notifications

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Stephen Rayner

Interested to know how to tested this. So we need a real device and we can use the tool to send notifications. But is there a quicker way than uninstalling expo go to reset the app?

I like your idea of remove on logout. But that’s just delete from database, how do I reset to test as if from scratch each time?

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Mariana Costa Author

Thank you for your comment.
I did not understand the first question. Why would you need to uninstall expo go? Nevertheless, to reset your app you don't need to uninstall expo go, you can just clear expo go cache, in "Applications" settings in your device.
Yes, the idea to redefined the token on login is to update the database and be sure that the correct token is being used. As far as I understand reading about expo-notifications package, every time the app is installed you get a new token. So, if you need to test from the scratch, I think it would be enough to uninstall and install the app again.