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Discussion on: Seven Common Characteristics of Creative Thinkers

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Kirill Shestakov • Edited on

Beautiful article. We share many similar thoughts.

I always noticed that the environment where my ideas are accepted without judgement led to the most creativity, whereas when the ideas are criticized without need, I lost motivation to strive for innovation.

I think part of it also has to do with kindness. In a kind environment, people are encouraged to be creative and express themselves. Kindness may require introspection, looking into your own experience, understanding its limits, and seeing moments when you felt the most and the least inspired, in order to apply them to others.

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Jamie Author

I’ve been in toxic spaces as well and I’ve learned from them and was happy to move on. People who go out of their way to offend you are discontent within themselves. I resonate with your last statement especially. It’s so hard to step into the other person’s shoes but it’s so important to give others the freedoms you wanted. Thank you for that reminder.