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Discussion on: Are you committing these mistakes as a Vue developer?

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Darek Gusto

Thanks. I'm asking because it was explicitly stated in your article that it is possible, and "how to achieve that" was the exact question I was asked just a few days ago by another developer. I thought you actually managed to make it work somehow. I'll try asking Chris too and if I get an answer, I'll paste it here. Thanks a lot. :)

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Nihar Raote Author

I asked Chris over the weekend. The example he gave was from a situation he came across. I think he even mentioned it in the podcast but I think I forgot about it 😛 .

The situation is that you have some input components that you're using for multiple currency handling. So depending on the currency option selected, a function would dynamically generate a mixin.

I'll try my best to implement it. Once he gives the green signal that the pattern has been properly implemented, I'll post it here.