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Discussion on: Is Serverless really as cheap as everyone claims?

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I understand the idea about functions being called, but those functions have to be called from somewhere, like the frontend of whatever the app is? Where is THAT hosted? If you have a frontend app, handling a million people a month, and the app mostly makes use of the functions, well you still need the app hosted somewhere that can handle a million hits a month right? Or am I missing something?
Can the entire app, frontend, routing, logic, database, basically the entire architecture of the app, ALL be serverless functions?

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More modern architectures tend to have a static frontend app which interacts with the API (see JAMStack architecture). The static site is just files (html, css, js) file that need to be served with no computation. For this you can use static hosting services, which are actually very cheap. For example, GitHub Pages will host your static frontends for free handling millions of hits a month (similarily GitLab Pages, and Netlify).

(I know it's been a while since the question was asked, but hopefully someone will find this useful)