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Everywhere the same. While there will be people accepting working for glory on projects wanted by customers who have absolutely no respect for knowledge and work needed to build a website, one may encounter problems billing or getting the money for a professional work.
This rises another good question : how much can I sell my work ? Answering that question drives you to the good side of the force, where clever people want you to feel comfortable to do the job they are waiting from you. Because they do know how much it costs. Tax, insurance, your income, gasoil, machines...people whom still think that they can get great deals for outter space jobs, dream.


Thanks for the comment! That's a great point too, as freelancers we need to watch out for the dreamers who expect a high-quality website for a case of root beer and some chips. Big time waste and frustrating for everyone.


Right! And also those people mix the need and the price. They do think a freelancer will be cheaper. But who the hell said a freelancers work should be cheaper... Do freelancers have special deals with tax or fees and so on ? They are homeless and it is charity to make them to work.. they have great qualities but we will pay them less. And the need: do I need a freelancer for the task or project I want to lead ?

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