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re: Great article about how to start off a project and how to modularise your code. But it's not about architecting an API. This isn't architecture. Pl... what is your definition of architecture then? Giving background and a real world example over and above what's written here would all of a sudden qualify this post of being worthy of being labelled a architecture discussion? Utter nonsense.

Good article on how to architect your node apps. Thanks Thiago.


Architecture isn't how to organise stuff. You don't tell your kid to "go upstairs and architect your room". Architecture is an altogether higher level discipline. As I said, it's a good article. But it's not about architecture.

There is no professional body (especially with regards to JS dev) that will define exactly what "architecture" is and isn't. For me, architecture is a very loose term that can mean many things, code structure being one of them. Personally, when I think "application architecture" then the data model is fundamental and most important - but the code structure is also a part of it (as is choice of technology etc).

I think we might actually agree (that architecture is a loose and general term), I just felt it unnecessarily pedantic to moan about the title of this post when it's perfectly "fine".

"Structuring your Node.js code in a better way" just doesn't have the same ring to it!

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