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Discussion on: Should I use PHP to make a website in 2020 ?

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Hari Prasad Author

I have done a couple of projects in PHP. I want know that whether should I use PHP still in my website as it is dying.

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Giuseppe Damiani

PHP is dying? There is no serious indicator that points in this direction. LAMP solutions are still relevant and however, it is its solutions that could change (dying) to make way for the cloud solution. (docker, k8s, etc) Most PHP solutions have taken this direction with API backends and JS in front. This is proof that PHP continues to be in the race but with more competitor (python, ruby, node, etc..)

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Never trust online "experts" and other languages' fanboys. PHP is not dying; more - it is becoming more popular. Still LAMP stack is probably the cheapest way to host small or medium traffic site.