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how does a self--learner get feedback from a human?


Places like stack overflow, slack, gitter etc. Also I'm sure there are some nice ppl here that wouldn't mind taking s look at your code.


Slack channels and Gitter are definitely my top recs, besides just posting on the Twitters and asking politely if someone wouldn't mind taking a look at your code. Sometimes you need to sweeten the deal and offer something in exchange (like taking a look at theirs, or helping them find someone, if you're lower-level), since everyone's time is valuableโ€”not just professionals or industry leaders.

But there are a TON of helpful people in this industry. Don't be afraid to ask, I promise you won't invite ridicule! And if you do get ridiculed, they suck and you're great because you have humility and willingness to learn. ๐Ÿ˜Š


exercismio is good for this as well. You can complete exercises and get feedback from mentors on your solution I started it a few weeks ago.

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