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It's a common misconception, that the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes as a warning that being an expert in one area is the way to go, while the phrase actually has a second part, ".., but often times better than master of one."
Think about it - which will be the better developer, the one who know Java, the whole Java, and nothing but Java? Or the one that is flexible enough to understand databases, DevOps, front end, product, etc., even if on the day-to-day he works in Java? Who will bring you the most value, the one that will reply with "I don't work with Python"/"HTML isn't really a language", or the one that says "Give me a couple of hours, I'll get it done"? Who will you return to for the next job?
There might be better Java, Python, Front End developers; DevOps engineers; DBAs, but the one that has knowledge in all of these subjects, can give a better solution.


Who will you return to for the next job?

And this is the problem. You might end up doing all sorts of jobs for other people so they can slack off instead of learning themselves. Been there done that.

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