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Discussion on: Replacing master with main in Github

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

I disagree with the change.

As a non-US citizen, I feel I am being forced to change my habits based on something that no-where in the world relates to me. I don't know how the community has consented this change based on the history/society of a particular country/community.

I am not denying the contributions of US in the tech world. Its massive.

What about Indians who contributed a lot to the software world? What about the Chinese who have been constantly pushing the boundaries of the electronics world? These two countries alone constitute half the world population.

I don't have a problem with whether you want to change master to main. I will do it.

But I think in the last 4 years this is the first time I am seeing a change being done based on the happenings of a particular group/community/country etc. And this is not good. Centralization/Influence of such a single entity unrelated to software in the open-source world is not a good sign to come for us people outside the US in future.

So, yeah. My reason for disagreeing with the change is the above! And nothing else. No society, individual, community, country should ever affect the way open-source software works. It should be a collective effort!