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re: Agreed, it's very tempting or even natural for some (or even most) older people to expect respect and quiet obedience only because of being older, ...

Well, I'm sorry, in the end I haven't said much about the actual topic of the post, just boasted about myself, but the bottom line is that I can easily see how older people themselves can cause some attitudes that make managers make such decisions.

I started working as a dev with 21 and everyone was older than me. The devs around me were 27-50.

And while my boss valued me, I always felt like a boy.

It was until I was in the end of my 20s, with over 5 years of experience, when I worked with people at my age and felt like some "regular" developer in the crowd.

This was when I finally understood what I'm capable of and started to go my own way.

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